Eight Resounding Reasons Sobriety Should be Our Priority this Holiday

“Be grateful. These feelings, no matter how painful, are part of living. Today, we are alive—not anesthetized, not sedated, not passed out. Take control of your feelings and through action, you can change. Today, as every day of sober living, we have a choice.” – Ann D. Clark

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Each year the pressure to not drink gets stronger and each year I’d tell myself, “This time it’s going to be different.” And I meant it with all my heart. But each year I would end up sabotaging myself with an intentional slip. So much for sobriety.

What is an Intentional Slip? Aren’t All Slips, Just that?  A Falling Off the Wagon? 

I used to believe it was just that and nothing more, but it is always much more. Consider:

  • A slip is pre-meditated, planned and orchestrated to ensure maximum availability of the drink. We know what we’re desperate to do long before we pick up the first drink. But for the alcoholic whose mission is to rid obsessive thoughts and feelings of hopelessness, the only thing that worked with success is to drink.
  • Maybe we wait for the best time to get us through the weekend, or the upcoming holiday. If our drink of choice was liquor, we’d wait until the spouse was out of the house and we hid our bottles.
  • Some of us switch our drink of choice, thinking near-beer, wine or wine-coolers would satisfy us, but it never did for long.
  • We’d wait and carried our booze in the perfect container in our cars, in our purse, briefcase into work or pockets either mixed to perfection or straight up. Not all of us had to go to these and more lengths to drink. More often than not, we tried some of these or others.
  • When we ran out of booze, our throats would constrict, we would sweat, become anxious, irritable and discontented until we could at once experience the ease and comfort that always came with the first sip.
  • We blew our intentions by doing what we always did. We said, “The hell with it.”  “It’s too late anyway.” “The holidays are already here.” “I’ll begin the New Year.” Imagining the holidays without a drink was as dreadful as freefalling from 20,000 feet.


Some Points to Consider:

If you think you may have a problem with drinking, it could be your sign. Normal drinkers never have to ask because drinking is a non-issue for them. But for us, this is all we thought about.

The pamphlet Frequently Asked Questions and others are free and can be seen by visiting this sites and the one that follows.

The pamphlet, Are You an Alcoholic? can be found by following this link. This is an insightful quiz that looks into our daily habits of living and asks revealing questions sufficient for us to evaluate ourselves. No one can answer this question but you, nor should they. If you are in the Florida Big Bend area, support and answers are but a phone call away. You can call 850-224-1818 and speak confidentially with someone without giving anyone your name or number. This could be the most difficult move you’ll ever have to make to change your life for the better.

Eight Resounding Reasons Sobriety Should be First this Holiday


Sounds insane, doesn’t it?  Alcoholism is a disease unlike any other. It affects the mind, body, and spirit that must be repaired on three fronts. The first drink begins the cycle of obsession. Not convinced?  Step over to the bar, have one drink and walk away. Try it more than once. Skip a day or several. Skip a few weeks and how do you feel?  Better yet, tell yourself, “I’m done” and move on with your life. See how that works for you.  Your answer will take shape in no time.


That’s impossible! Isn’t it?

If you are a problem drinker, one drink will show how one becomes ten. One is too much and a hundred is never enough.

3. We Cannot Say We Know What Will Happen to Us or Someone Else After We Take that First Sip.

Unless you are God, or a Higher Power, we have no knowledge or information to suggest we can get drunk and not hurt someone. If you are a blackout drinker, you’re kidding yourself and putting yourself and others in harm’s way. Only Russian roulette has better odds before the right circumstance proves those problem or chronic drinkers wrong because it always does! Speaking with the sheriff’s office, MADD (Mothers’ Against Drunk Driving,) or a representative from one of our prisons will quickly provide more than enough proof how often others become victims or perpetrators from drinking.

4. We have no preview as to what is happening inside our body.

As we age physically; organs, brain-cells, and overall functioning begins to break down. effects of alcohol on brainWe cannot know whether the first drink or the sixth will kill us. People die every single day from brain aneurysms, heart attacks and more because of drinking. Most often our death certificates read, “heart attack,” but the rest of the story is induced by alcohol or some such wording.

5. Alcoholism is progressive. 

It never stops unless we do. Drinking kills us insidiously from the inside out.

6. Alcohol is a depressive. 

Suicide is an effect of alcohol and consistent drinking often leads to other drugs and dangerous behaviors.

7. Our Drinking NEVER GETS BETTER.

The causes and effects of our drinking always without fail become much worse. It is, like diabetes or cancer, a disease that cannot be eradicated. The only known cure is total abstinence and we do it with much success in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, and always with others.

8.  Our Drinking ONLY GETS WORSE

Many of us know of people who, although sober for a long stretch, picked up and resumed their addiction with extreme consequences.  Although they stopped drinking, the disease picks up where it left off. The effects are almost always, death, institutions or jail.

Call 850-224-1818 if you are anywhere in the Big Bend Area of North Florida. Google AA online for your local intergroup office and ask for help if you have to leave a message. Anyone you speak to on the telephone can give you basic information, but it is up to you to move toward self-care.

Meetings are anonymous, what is discussed in our rooms is anonymous and remains in the rooms. Who we see here, stays here. One reason Alcoholics Anonymous is more successful than ever because together we stay sober. Alone – we are sure to drink.

Lastly, if your plans are already made and you’d like not to drink but don’t know what to do to avoid sticky situations, you may find helpful tips toward the end of my blog, Taking Care of Ourselves During the Holidays

Today is the perfect day to change the course of your life. The hope and miracles in the rooms of recovery will astound you.


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