“Miracles of Recovery” is a must read for every person early or seasoned in recovery. The heart-wrenching and heart-warming stories will stay with you throughout the day as you meditate on the lessons learned from others’ journeys, Melanie Barton Bragg, LCSW Ed.D; author of Quicksand: Marion’s Memories, a story of emergence from a dysfunctional marriage to a sexually addicted minister.”

“After reading Miracles of Recovery I found it to be one of the best summations of all the wonderful and spiritual sharing that I have heard around the rooms of recovery over my eleven years of sobriety. This is a joyous book and should become a part of the AA approved literature as well for daily reading for those in and not in the rooms or recovery. A fine spiritual book that can benefit and inspire anyone. Especially those that may be currently struggling with the myriad of causes and conditions of life on life’s terms.” Will Evans; President EIII Environmental Consulting Inc,. Author of The Hydrologic Balance of Lakes: Physical and Mathematical Fundamentals.

“A compilation of alluring musings that can only be inspired by grace. If you are among the many who begin their days with a quiet time of prayer and meditation, I suggest that you invite these inspired messages into your repertoire. For me, this book serves as the conveyor of many spiritual blessings and has prompted me to gently and humbly self-critique in order to flourish and thrive in my life of recovery.” Jane Dwyer Lee, MSW, LCSW

“Harriet’s daily meditations are filled with truth and compassion that comes from personal experience. This work reads like the author is right there with you, providing insight and encouragement and, above all else, hope.” Cassie Dandridge Selleck; Author of The Pecan Man and What Matters in Mayhew; www.CassieDandridgeSelleck.com

“This is a program that works if you work for it. Harriet tells you how in a personal day-to-day journal I have found very useful.As she says, take what you need and leave the rest. I encourage you to explore what she says and see how it can apply to your life. It does get better”. James McMichael, Ph.d.; Author of 1997 Best Book for Business “The Spiritual Style of Management: Who Is Running This Show Anyway. Co-author of “Spirituality In the Workplace.”