Journaling Basics

“The act of writing is the act of discovering what you believe.” David Hare

Prepare to Journal

Because journaling is for some, meditation, consider several things before putting pen to paper.

  1. If you will make this a habit, then a special, sacred place may be in order, where you can sit in perfect peace. You may want music playing in the background; maybe you’ve lit a candle or two to help light your inspiration. Whatever you do– make it a special, inviting place you’ll want to come back to.
  2. A three-ring binder with separators works good presuming you may wish to journal about various subjects down the road. Plus, it has the advantage of stocking a continuous flow of paper as you see fit.
  3. A ballpoint pen (no, not a pencil and eraser) works best to encourage your creative muse within for several reasons:

a. This is not about editing, changing or critiquing. This is about compete and total freedom of thought and your ability to allow whatever comes forth to be what it is; so please no crossing-out or deleting. Just allow a spirit to work through you.

b. Don’t think! Let that inner-critic sleep while you enjoy opportunities to go where you’ve not allowed yourself to go before. Give yourself permission to just commit to those thoughts that are front or center, knowing there is no wrong or right involved. There are only words from the heart. And here’s the rest of the story:

Why is this so important that we pay attention to a – d here?

Because if it were NOT your truth coming to the surface,
you could not “see” it!

Journaling is a sacred “getting in touch” with that place deep within that lies dormant until we resurrect it. This place, for each of us, is what I refer to as our own “Inner Knowing.” Some call it, their “God-Gut,” while still others, their “Intuitive Self.”

c. Do not judge, have expectations or put any pressure on yourself. Be gentle with yourself, and take comfort in recognizing whatever feelings present is welcomed. This is part of the experience.It is okay to breathe.

d. This exerciseis nothing more than practice, getting comfortable moving your pen on paper and letting what comes forth, to be what it is.

Journaling Gratitudes are ideas to gravitate toward as you practice the art of moving thoughts from your mind, down your arm, through the fingers and down on paper. You will feel yourself shift into a meditative-like state as your focus takes on the elevated task of intentional expression.

You are on an exploratory mission unlike any other,

uncovering pieces of your life,

connecting them to their rightful place,

as we “see” and “listen” to ourselves become whole.

“Journaling is your gift from the heart, as find and retrieve pieces of your life’s puzzle.”
Harriet Hunter


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