For those of us on a creative walk toward the heart, our journey is met with stumbling blocks of defeat before we begin. Depending upon the time, the emotional, the spiritual and the physical place we face at any given time, we put an end to this nonsense of personal creativity. Our ingenuity becomes stymied and we prefer that we get up, have coffee and read Dear Abbey A woman is standing in front of a chalkboardinstead:

Some of the old tapes and mistaken beliefs sound like this:

  • “If only.” The “if onlys” are designed by the same people who often recite their own, “why bother?” We must push through this poor pretense of an excuse at the same time we write these excuses down and throw them in the garbage. 
  • “Who do I think I am?” this façade comes up to halt progress regularly. It that Itty Bitty Committee whose job it is to turn us around to something safe, not quite as fear-producing as what we might find going out on a creative bender. 
  • There’s no payoff so why waste my time?” This is an old-belief handed down from others through the ages who believe that if you’re not DOING SOMETHING that produces “a living,” then whatever it may be, is a “frivolous waste of energy and effort that would be better utilized in graduate school or a rewarding trade.”

  • “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” If we’ve not ever done anything quite like this, then a natural transition of thought is to feel this way. You can ignore this thinking as it comes from our inner-critic and consider it, useless inhibiting thinking. Until you put pen to paper, it is impossible to imagine what we’re made of and even, practice makes progress! 
  • What will my friends/family think I’m trying to do?” No one needs an explanation unless it is kind, loving and brief. Then we turn our attention to other things. And we prepare ourselves for our creative journey, because this is what we need to do for ourselves. 
  • “But I can’t afford this!” This personal journey is one of the most precious gifts we can give ourselves: the experience of heightened self-esteem, a new level of self-confidence and an awakened inner-awareness as we face ourselves in a way not experienced before.The experience of a shift in our unfolding, as we purposely direct our own growth, often is the beginning of a permanent metamorphosis, one that continues as it seeks more answers.
    We change our vantage point and become honest about when it was we last gave ourselves personal focus and intention. In so doing, we become willing to trust this process that we cannot see, our spiritual journey. 
  • “I’m afraid of what I might find!” This is one of the most overstated fears based in false evidence that appears real. It’s true we are not used to ‘going within’ and its normal to want to steer clear of inner-demons and the remains of personal haunts, those imagined and real. My experience continues to prove that if something brought you this far, you are already emotionally stronger than you think. 
  • But I have no TIME to write!” I work full time, I have an important job, I have a husband and children, I have too much to do, I’d never be able to fit this in, “I, I, I…”
    • This statement should ask, “How Important Is This” to the balance we all seek,
      to the inner-nurturing, respect and love we all deserve.
    • Taken further the question imparts the answer to “How Important am I?” For instance:
      • Am I not worthy of self-care and developing my inner-muse to come closer to the person I want to be?
      • Am I not deserving to work toward giving myself the same measure of joy and balance that I empart to everyone around me?
      • If I cannot give away what I don’t have, then taking personal time for me becomes that much more vital.

By allowing ourselves the precious gift of personal time to focus on ourselves, we become closer to
our own resolve, and to the wholeness that we seek
but most importantly, that we all deserve.