“Whether you’re keeping a journal or writing as ameditation, it’s the same thing. What’s important is you’re having a relationship with your mind.”
Natalie Goldberg

Journaling With a Purpose is a spiritual, courageous walk to the heart. This walk is comprised of six modules that can be worked at your own pace and time. What this course offers, aside from unique tools to grow in insightful capacities, is a unique array of resources that will give you hope for change as it shows how personal and satisfying writing can be.


Journaling with a Purpose is much more than a reflection of ourselves mirrored back, it is an emotional opening of doors to our psyche that for some, have been closed a lifetime.

Similar to working an unfinished puzzle, you can expect a fitting of the right pieces of your life in to help make the user whole. Before the course is over you will find, through repetition, that this becomes your truth–and your truth opens up pathways to your authentic self. If you are in recovery, you will find this course particularly personal as it opens pathways to your own spirituality.


  • Write exercises with follow-up activities to bring into your daily rituals.
    Audio materials and informative readings will show with repetition:

    • How to write creatively with activities,
    • Experience the benefits of Daily Living Prompts,
    • How to write reflectively with suggestions and tips,
    • How to use Therapeutic Skills with exercises and prompts,
    • Homework to practice your own writing through suggestions and tips,
    • Learn how develop your writing as a spiritual practice,
    • Practice how to write for emotional balance,
    • Find out how to allow your journaling to become the buffer against depressive, A brown book with the words " things i love about you ".negative thoughts and patterns, and draw upon new positive and encouraged behaviors.
    • Experience a decrease in symptoms of various health conditions,
    • Master a decease in stress and anxiety,
    • For people in recovery, these lessons show us how to keep the focus on ourselves, our accomplishments, and allows for the practice of healthy assessments and analysis of specific situations, emotions and potential outcomes.
    • Experience a heightened sense of gratitude, self-esteem, problem-solving and overall mental health.
    • Learn how to get out of ourselves and become self-assured in speaking and helping others, enhanced confidence, and so much more.


But WAIT! Please read on the next page some of the negative messages you can expect before you take this course:



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