By Harriet Harrer

“Seek it with each breath. It is the beginning of a change deep within. Heartfelt gratitude changes perceptions and connects to a great Hope beyond. You are not alone. WRITE them. FEEL them, BE them. Embrace your change, and then pass it on!”

A person writing in a book with a pen.To journal with a purpose is to allow magic to happen in our hearts. We write with intention, with clarity and with emotions. We don’t see the words as much as we feel them.

Our words become the art form of our soul discovered when we allow our thinking to transcend all we imaginedwe are.

They take on a color of their own as we paint them with an angered fury and a brilliant awareness and tenderness they deserve, but held hostage deep within. Words spring forth as if beyond our control splashing, falling off, and rising again more beautifulthan the last words. As they fight for their rightful space upon our paper,they are finally, inexhaustibly, honored for what they represent–our honored selves.

The goal as we journal with a purpose is to train our minds to focus, to feel and to meditate. We give ourselves permission to just let our writing reflect whatever it may be without criticism, without judgment. We are discovering, discarding, and recovering, coming closer to our authentic selves.

“So now that you’re ready to begin, please use the article, Journaling Basics,as your reference guide to get you started. I’m so excited for your journey!



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