Miracles of Recovery

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This Collector’s Edition of MIRACLES OF RECOVERY from bestselling, award-winning author Harriet Hunter brings a holistic view to recovery already anchored in the 12-Steps. The 365-topics supports solutions or ideas to take with you, on how to live life on life’s terms, just for today. The emphasis you will hear in Miracles, is the unique, yet similar pain we’ve experienced.

Miracles of Recovery speaks personally to each of us. Through hope, faith, and courage, we are gently encouraged to look at life differently, enough to change our perspective, which is vital to moving forward on our recovery journey.

Passing on what was so freely given, allows me to be a conduit of encouragement to others. Miracles speaks from literature, and from the village that is our recovery, using practical tools, principles and promises that mirror how we can be free from the bondage of self, regardless of our situation.

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“I LOVE everything about this book! I chair a nightly zoom meeting and on Sundays we use this book. So many people in my meeting loved it so much they ordered one. The best devotional I’ve ever owned since getting into recovery.” Amazon Reviewer

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“AMAZON BESTSELLER! I have used Harriet Hunter’s daily meditations from Miracles of Recovery for several months and find them inspiring and beautifully written. The new Collector’s Edition has several revisions that have enhanced these strengths. Plus, this edition lets us into Harriet’s generous, huge heart with stories and illustrations from her own recovery. This book is a true blessing!” Gigi Langer, Author, 50 Ways to Worry Less Now.

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“This book is a must have if you are in recovery!! The book has every day of the year, there is an amazing reading for every single day. And I don’t know about anybody else, but those readings plus the daily reflections and just for today are what help me get through some days. It’s a life saver and the books are worth every penny spent on them!!” Amazon Reviewer

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“Harriet’s daily meditations are filled with truth and compassion that comes from personal experience. This work reads like the author is right there with you, providing insight and encouragement and, above all else, hope.” Cassie Dandridge Selleck

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“This is a program that works if you work for it. Harriet tells you how in a personal day-to-day journal I have found very useful. As she says, take what you need and leave the rest. I encourage you to explore what she says and see how it can apply to your life. It does get better”. James McMichael, Ph.D.

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