Miracles of Recovery Is Now in Audio Format!

Miracles of Recovery is being presented to you right here in audio format! You can now experience three-months of audios at a time. That’s over 90 Audios!


That’s right! Each page of Miracles of Recovery will be presented in audio format at no charge to you! We want you to be perfectly comfortable with what you hear before you make a book purchase. My hope is that by your listening on your time from your telephone, in the car, or where ever you may be, you will feel the same hope and confidence you were expecting. Some audios are designed to reduce stress and encourage a heartfelt look at what it is you need from you!


After January the next three-months (February, March, and April) will be rotated out. 

We want you to experience personally, a strong sense of what Miracles of Recovery has to offer.  Listening to the author in these brief 2-4 minute audios is much different for some of us than reading from a Kindle or print copy. I am so proud and excited to be offering this to you in this manner!

Your feedback and love for these audios has propelled me to give you the entire book in individual audios in three month increments. Please listen to however many you would like, as many times as you like! I will be thrilled to receive your note below and thoughts as to how pleased you are with a specific audio. Just remember, you are in charge of your anonymity, protected here, and I don’t need an email address or your name for you to comment below!

Advantages of Listening to Audios

  • You will discover yourself in a way never experienced before, hearing information from your heart first.
  • These audios will teach you how to keep your focus on your needs,
  • Your fears, negativity and mistaken beliefs will be diminished as you hear the truth mirrored back to you.
  • Active, repeated listening encourages new behaviors and awareness to implement positive thinking right where you are!
  • You will learn surprising ways to connect with yourself and your Higher Power!
  • You will gain a greater sense of inner-confidence and begin to feel a more powerful sense of self!
  • Audios are readily available, simple to use, and opens your mind in a way reading does not.
  • They are Repeatable
  • Provides wonderful communication for people unable to read
  • Stimulating
  • The more unexpected the audio is, the greater listening comprehension is applied

We want you to have the best experience possible and ask if you have a faulty audio, hearing difficulties or any issue at all as you listen to these audios, please let me know as soon as possible so it can be addressed.

Always, always, your ability to pass on what you hear and what you like here, to others is so greatly appreciated!

Click here to begin listening with February’s Audios.

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