Miracles of Recovery



Daily Meditations of Hope, Courage and Faith

If YOU are in or around recovery, this is a must-have daily-inspirational you won’t want to miss owning. WHY? Because on each page you will see yourself or at a minimum hear yourself say, “That was me alright!” Some word, a certain paragraph will take you back, or bring you into yourself as you absorb the emotions, or answer the questions on the pages.

It’s personal, it’s genuine, it asks that you look at the real you deep within.

In fact, if you read this book and believe it unworthy of five stars, I will willingly refund your money! This is my promise to you.

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Twelve reasons you may want to purchase this book:

These are life-changing opportunities that can happen for you too one day at a time. All that is needed is an open mind, and the resilience and perseverance to stay the course. In Miracles of Recovery you will:

  1. Learn how to short-circuit pity, anger, and other emotions by employing a new change in perspective, positive self-image and strategies learned in the book.
  2. Discover how to be awakened to your own strength, hope, and courage one day at a time.
  3. Become aware of how addiction speaks to us through triggers that set off the phenomena of craving.
  4. Develop the ability to recognize stinking-thinking and find encouraging ways to redirect these thoughts.
  5. Learn how a disease of perception affects each of us personally and apply, through examples, how changing our thoughts determine our actions.
  6. Introduces through awareness, the power within that takes hold of us when we become honest, open, and willing in all of our affairs.
  7. Be encouraged to move out of comfort zones and old ways of doing things.
  8. Seek to open our heart for an illumination that comes with positive thinking and positive actions.
  9. Show how, through increased conscious contact with a Higher Power, we bring ourselves into balanced alignment with serenity.
  10. Ask that we trust, without sight and beyond our comprehension, our own personal unfolding as we change through the fellowship and the work of the 12-Steps
  11. Discover truths about the effect of alcohol and drugs in ways not previously considered.
  12. Become convinced beyond a doubt, that we are better than we ever imagined we could be!

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In 365-daily inspirational readings, Miracles of Recovery opens our eyes to a personal spiritual journey that each of us are on, one small step at a time. In this intimate and honest book, Harriet shares lessons learned from her own experience of pain and degradation caused by the disease of addiction. Through the language of the heart, Harriet encourages awareness in the reader to look for and find their own miracles that manifest when we live our lives clean and sober.

Miracles of Recovery delivers a powerful mix of hope and practical suggestions for those who want help, regardless of their addiction, faith, or belief. Harriet demonstrates by example, how the 12-Steps, hope, and willingness work toward the goal of sobriety, to effect permanent and profound change.

Miracles of Recovery exposes undeniable truths and spiritual awakenings that happen when people CAN and DO change their lives. It will touch the hearts and minds of newcomers, as well as those with years of recovery. Miracles of Recovery will help family and friends of those addicted understand the pain and process of this debilitating and deadly disease.

Anyone affected by addiction, directly or indirectly, deserves this book as a daily guide and reminder of the miracles, the passion, and joy that will be theirs as they trust the process that is recovery, one day at a time.

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