Calm as We Face the Storm

Calm as we face the StormThe wise man in the storm prays to God, not for safety from danger, but for the deliverance from fear. It is the storm within that endangers him, not the storm without. Ralph Waldo Emerson

We all experience calm as we face our storm, and have personal turmoils we have to deal with, often daily. These storms, if we are not prepared, often strike head-on, and without warning. They are called the calm as we face the storm.

They have the power and the surge of a title wave. But we all have within us, the ability to stay calm as we face the storm.

As we feel it approaching, our response to this danger must be immediate. We stand on the brink of being consumed, washed away as this flood of emotions, fear, and always anger, seeks to wash over us. As we move to get out of the way, we’re taken to that out-of-control riptide of emotional insanity.

How do we stay calm as we face the storm?

We learn the art of detaching from others’ emotional distress.

One way to come out of the other side of this storm is to not inhale and make about us, anyone else’s feelings, or their exhibition of outbursts and fears. From a position of calm detachment, we take a step back and allow others be who they are without reacting.

Whatever is going on with someone else is always their truth about them, what they want, need, or how they feel. It is not about us. The choice is ours to deflect or to react.

We focus on our breathing. Returning ourselves to calm is the protection we need to not give our power and energy to others outbursts or demonstrations of attention

There is nothing at all to prove as we gain discernment and a sharp perspective. We realize no matter the engagement, the noise, or the enticement, we are the calm as we face the storm of others reactions.

Practicing a mantra that speaks to our inner-knowing can be a strong shield against the storms that want to entice us to deep waters. We repeat this mantra until we feel the words move from our head to our heart and become a part of who we are.

Acceptance says we never have to face any storm alone. Inviting a Higher Power to walk with us is the assurance necessary to invoke the calm we seek. Together, we face any storm that comes our way. We face our storm with confidence and with grace for by now; we are not walking alone.

We learn to trust ourselves.

  • The more we open ourselves up to positive and encouraging thinking, to journal, recovery and other healthy avenues, we develop an impenetrable core that nothing can reach unless we open the door to our heart and let it inside.
  • Our love of self-becomes the steel necessary to withstand any storm no matter the destruction around us because of honor, love, and trust of our inner-knowing and our Higher Power, without question or resistance.
  • As mentioned in my blog, “Gratitude, a Change in Perspective,” we remember words from Dr. Wayne Dyer where he says, “When you trust in your inner vision, you’re trusting the same wisdom that created you.”

Please join me, as together we write our truths that speak, “We are the storm!” We are the vigilant, the tenacious, the courageous ones that remain calm, in the face of any storm that comes our way. With practice, we watch our own unfolding come true.

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