Gratitude, a Change in Perspective

“Gratitude is one of the most powerful human emotions. Once expressed, it changes attitude, brightens outlook, and broadens our perspective.” Germany Kent

Do you have days when you wake and wonder why am I here? What on earth am I supposed to be striving for, working for. Just what is my real purpose?  “How will I know what my purpose is?”  “Where IS my gratitude?”

I believe we are here on purpose and in the exact calculation of the Universe.

I am certain if this supposed to be different, it would be. Hands down. Wouldn’t you agree?

If we were honest and look at how the realm of the spirit works, we would find it difficult to refute. We all know people who have had “close calls” and yet lived; while there were others who didn’t.

This is where my gratitude begins. I let it begin with me where I am right this moment. That I exist and that you’re here with me now, is not a coincidence.

Gratitude is the Attitude some of us use
to Change our Vantage Point.

Instead of seeing ourselves in the valley of self-pity, regardless of how bad we think things are, we feel sure others remain buried in hardships, and find comfort in that we are not alone. Someone always is in worse shape than we are, and yet they rise.

Our change of perspective presents as we move above the tentacles of loathsome thoughts. We act as if we believe there are no mistakes in our Creators world. This is an intentional act: a change in perspective that propels us to positivity. As we begin to take comfort in our new way of thinking, our actions follow. We become grateful.

We use discernment in positive messages and allow them to infiltrate our thinking, since this is where change begins.

In his book, “Inspiration, Your Ultimate Calling,” Dr. Wayne Dyer implores us on page 72, to remember “we’re already connected to everything that we think is missing from our life.” Gratitude is one way for us to see what is missing and, with our words and highest imaginings, we make them our reality.

One way we make our feelings come alive, is to write what we feel.

Visit Journaling Basics here for more information. Gratitude comes alive on paper first, and in so doing, becomes a part of who we are because seeing them, is knowing they were already there. Writing down gratitude becomes a  strong confirmation of truth in goodness. We can’t “see” what we don’t know about us.

Dr. Dyer says on page 78, When you trust in your inner vision, you’re trusting the same wisdom that created you.” This statement reassures me that when we spot it, we’ve got it. Now, all we have to do is bring this thinking into the light. Practice writing out what we’re grateful for makes this insight possible.

I’ve heard it suggested writing five per day is optimum for a person to see positive and calming results in a world now, where there is fear and disillusionment. Writing down positive affirmations that are gratitutes, allows us to begin to trust in our own inner vision which, in turn, is as Dr. Dyer states, is the same vision that created us. For more insight into changing our perspective, gratitude and more, visit Journaling Course on my main menu.

Once we find gratitude,our hearts soften. We accept possibilities and have come to believe that what we have received is a gift beyond measure. This gift is the beginning of a permanent change in our perspective.

We look for ways to pass it on,as we begin  to expand and seek more positivity.  Our life in gratitude, brings us closer to our true purpose.

What are you grateful for today, and every day?

If you’ve often thought about writing gratitude or other forms of journaling and would like more information, please feel free to contact me here or go to Journaling Course for one-on-tips and helpful information to get you started! Writing gratitude has changed my life, it could change yours, too!~

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    1. Dear Zoe, Indeed I will be forever grateful. Please come back often and share with others across the miles!


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