You Deserve to be Happy

Everything will change in your life when you finally learn that you deserve SO MUCH BETTER
Karen Gibbs

There are people who think they deserve their pain and suffering. But there are plenty more who believe they deserve to be happy.

Some of us heard messages, “We brought misery on ourselves.” Others said, “We made our bed, now we can lay in it.” A good many of us though, believe we woke up one day with whispered doubts and feelings of trepidation that never left us.affirmations

We can’t shake them loose. It seems we’ve “been this way as long as we remember.” It is so much a part of us that it feels comfortable!

Each of us deserve to be happy. Life is too short not to find joy from somewhere!

Some things we can do right now to chart a new path to happiness include the following:

    1. Insist on an Attitude of Gratitude. In my journaling gratitudes page, you will find tips on how to journal, and, how to write gratitudes. This continues to be a major transformation for me, Over time, it has elevated and changed thought processes to find true happiness and contentment.
    2. continued in the attached You Deserve to be Happy.



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