Trusting the Process of What Is

“We are either in the process of resisting God’s truth or in the process of being shaped and molded by his truth.” Charles Stanley

I’m so grateful that you found me and that you’re here too, right this moment.  Before you begin, let us take a deep breath in and then out as you set yourself to be open, aware and willing to embrace the gray—that place in the middle where our thinking becomes oxygenated, guided by positive intuitive thinking.

The grey is where our trust resides. It is not in the black and white of extremes or false beliefs, but right here, where our thoughts meet our instinctive know-how.  The grey speaks to who we are, where we are, and where it is we think we want to be.

I’ve heard it said that trusting the process is nothing more than moving through life.  One metaphysical definition explains that everything we desire is out there waiting to be released from our alignment of frequency and vibrations of our highest selves.

As we move through life, and, if in these moments we happen to be here, it’s because something within us resonates with energy in the here and now.  In other words, there are no mistakes or coincidences.

If we think about trusting the process, we take for granted so much is done for us automatically.  How is that possible? Some other thoughts to consider might be:

  1. If we embrace our authentic selves, what would be standing in our way today?
  2. Pay close attention to what it is we ask for (as the saying goes, because you just might get it.)
  3. As we begin to allow our day to unfold and put one foot in front of the other, we invite the Universe, a Great Spirit, that which is more powerful than us, to join us, even lead the way.  By making room, we assume a position of humility which opens our hearts to attunement of what already is in this moment.

This process begins with our first breath of fresh air each day. Lungs and heart function as they should as if on Que. Eyes see as senses wake in concert with our brain that orchestrates decisions, muscle, and joint movements in perfect synchronicity.

We think this is all our doing, but, is it?

For the purpose of this website, trusting the process has nothing to do with mathematical algorithms, or scientific discoveries of anything which, in and of itself, is a process. Instead, we open our minds and heart to the possibility that right here right now, everything is as it should be. We let go of preconceived ideas, fears that control us and, most important, negative thinking and behaviors.

It is possible our Higher Self has positioned us to embrace an acceptance and willingness to the greyness of faith.  What follows is an example of where you might be in your process:

For many, prayer and meditation propel us forward toward the light of understanding, awareness, and all things possible. Let’s look at one block of the circle that represents a part of the process at a time. Trust the Process


Intuition is that sacred voice within each of us that bridges the gap (imagine a teeter-tauter) between logic and instinct.  It is this perceptive-like state of knowing that guides us as we become aware.  Often referred to as our God-Gut; our Higher Self, it is an honored place of confident Knowing deep within that moves us up-and-over our inner-critic.  See Negative thoughts, criticism and perfection are but a few attributes that block our intuition.  Practice in prayer and meditation opens channels of hope to allow ourselves to trust our intuitive selves.


A process of looking up to something greater, more powerful than us; faith is how we know we’re being led.  In our pain, confusion and greatest of moments, it is the faith of our energy and positivity that encourages us to move forward.  It is hope, personified.


This part of the process begs the questions:

  • Is what I want, or what I want to do  my truth?
  • Is it necessary?
  • Will it enhance a greater good?

These questions help to honor our authentic selves without regard for a myriad of negative and dis-powering false beliefs that hold us back.


In order to realize (to make real), the beauty of our unfolding, it must be with love that we acknowledge ourselves and others.  Allowing others freedom to be who they are makes this possible. Anything else comes from a place of deceit, deception and diseased thinking.


Acceptance is the completion of the process that speaks to our assurance of being led.  We quit fighting.  We embrace our journey on blind faith paved with our highest good because we are convinced,

if it were supposed to be different, it would be different. 

We accept what is.

I hope you will continue to trust your personal process of unfolding and return often.

Your miracles to a life recreated are waiting for you. 

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