“If you’re not changing, evolving with the times, here’s a pretty good chance that you’re stagnant, dying, already dead or just a rock in someone’s shoe.” Ray Palla

A fire and smoke background with a person in the middle.A man walked into recovery complaining, that while he was not in active addiction, his life remained unmanageable.

He was angry at the fellowship for not giving him what he expected as he over-ate, spent money, and gambled. As he unleashed his anger, he declared, “I was happier when I was drinking!”

Unfortunately, for some of us in recovery, the only change we see is the letting go of the addiction. This man never stuck around long enough for his miracle of self-transformation to work.

Instead of focusing on our similarities he designed his own recovery, picking and choosing what he thought he needed as if recovery were a smorgasbord. He took pieces of The Steps, and completely omitted the life-changing Fourth, Fifth and Ninth Steps.

Recovery, irrespective of intellect, best thinking, or will-power, teaches tough truths about us. Short-cuts are how we lived before recovery, when we insisted on having our way, doing only what was convenient and easy, and in the process remained an emotional destitute.

Faced with our addiction we have two choices: resign ourselves to changing everything one day at a time–or die.

We may fool ourselves by substituting one addiction for another, but the excruciating, isolating pain that comes from self-loathing signals the truth, that nothing has really changed.

In order for recovery to work, we must concede through complete and total surrender, that our best efforts will never be enough to conquer our disease. Many die every day trying self-selected halfway measures.

The unity, courage, and success we find in recovery works, but only if we work for it.

Today’s Meditation

Today I know so long as I trust a process I cannot see, and follow a few instructions, my life continues to change for the better.

Written by Harriet E. Hunter from her award-winning book, “Miracles of Recovery.” If you like what you’ve read, please pass this on to others who may have a deeper need to read this page. You can find Miracles of Recovery at but also right here on my webpage with a free and personal autograph.


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