A wall with graffiti that reads " do what you love ".Just a couple of weeks ago, I asked friends on Facebook what type of things they did to keep away from snacks, especially at night since this was my greatest time of eating. The responses were great and the ideas quite varied. I’m giving them to you here. See what you think!~

If you have more ideas than what are not posted here, please do share in the comments below. We would all love to know.


  • Make Masks either by hand or on a machine to give to others!
  • After dinner, which is my lightest meal of the day, taking a hot shower or bath, then reading spiritual material, and finally, prayer and meditation help set me for a restful sleep.
  • Brushing my teeth helps not dig into the snacks.
  • My evening routine has not changed much except my cake & ice cream consumption has definitely increased.
  • I play Scrabble on the computer
    The computer is the opponent. You learn some amazing words Time passes quickly and it usually makes me sleepy after awhile
  • Phone a friend brush teeth cleanse my skin. Play with my dog… crack up really lol xxx
  • Find a buddy and have a video chat–-
  • We watch Johnny Carson at 11 pm.
  • Take a long walk with my dog around my neighborhood.
  • I’ve been snack rationing. Serving size only. Seems to be working. Graze very slowly!
  • I try to shut down all electronics 30-60 minutes before bedtime, and have a routine when it’s time to go to bed, so my body (and mind) knows it’s time to relax and get ready for sleep. Sometimes a shower before bed helps, too. I make sure I have water next to me to sip in case I wake up thirsty and plug my phone in to charge. I read if my mind is all over the place (nothing too stimulating, scary, etc), just to take my mind off of those thoughts. And, I pray, give thanks, and meditate. If I’m still feeling a bit restless, I listen to a sleep story. By then I’m usually asleep before they get past the introduction.
  • This IS my routine, but it’s AFTER I get up from where I’ve been eating!~ hahahah. I think, after listening to everyone here, I just signed up for a month of Body Groove, so before NBC Nightly News which I cannot miss, I can do some moving, some hot tea, a little computer and THEN, follow up with yours above (which is what I do now pretty much). Thanks
  • I completely changed my eating habits a few months ago. I don’t eat anything white. But I eat AS MUCH OF the rest as I want. Fresh fruit (my go-to!!!) vegetables and lean meat. Lost about 40 lbs, and feel great! I just spent 2 weeks in Israel and walked a hundred (+ -) miles and this 79 year old lady was able to keep up!
  • I usually brush my teeth right after dinner. Then, I take an evening walk, drink a cup of herbal tea, read fiction, work in the garden, watch a movie, play games online, talk with a friend, play the piano, write, paint, read, play with the dog, etc …
    Since I’ve been taking my new supplements, I have less of an appetite and I’m making better food choices. I’ve lost 21 lbs so far!
  • I’m not doing my best in this troubled time. I find I must just not buy foods I will binge on at all! Then if I want crunchy I can have celery or apple or pickles! I have A huge jar of pickled okra that is to die for! Actually, it is great for our gut to have something fermented daily as our DNA is accustomed to that after centuries w no refrigeration.
  • Walk the dogs–as far as the younger one wants if possible. Clean a room or do a load of laundry. Water the potted plants/garden, fill the bird feeder, or repot something. I want to get to the point of figuring out my next day’s lunch and dinner so I have things defrosted or packaged or whatever. Rather than ending up having cereal for dinner! And I bought a very thick biography of Queen Victoria which is interesting but not so much that I want to stay up too late reading!
  • I watch Wheel of Fortune and compete with the players.
  • Treadmill and yoga
  • Although, my husband and I watch far too much Netflix, Acorn, Hulu, etc after dinner and I am sitting fairly much all evening, I find drinking a nightly hot, caffeine free tea or hot water with lemon is a signal to my body that snacking is not necessary.
  • Apples
    Refried beans
    PopcornPut the following list next to one above and that’s how I eat them all:
    Peanut butter
    Dark chocolate
    Sour cream, salsa, cheese, chips
    Sea salt & pepper is a favorite topping. Try a variety of them.My short list is high fiber. Fiber is great for you and your body cannot store it at all.

    So win win. Remember to drink water.

  • Ooh this reminds me I should make an apple crisp. Healthier with more fiber than a regular pie since the topping has oats which are on the list in granola but I also like hot oatmeal with apple chunks and cinnamon.
  • At night I’ll drink a hot chai tea with cream and sugar or a hot herbal tea.
  • I’m working on a jigsaw puzzle to keep my hands busy
  • Knitting or crocheting will give your hands something to do. Of course, learning to shrink human heads would, too.
  • Binge watch Midsummer Murders on Acorn.
  • Bob Marley and disco today. Noam Chomsky on YouTube. Do you have a virtual community? Also JSTOR. Most great schools have free online classes. Check out Cornell. And the NYC library has free books to download. Last but first…write just for you. A diff genre. Poetry for me…so fun.
  • I have been working in my yard. Planting replanting potted plants, cleaning out flower beds and gutters so when I finally sit down at night I am to tired 5o do anything but sit there and read or watch my favorite show for the night.
  • Reading, meditation, yoga. I also play healing music. Check out solfeggio frequencies on Youtube. Different frequencies have different kinds of healing effects.
  • Solfeggio frequencies
  • I’ve been slowly delving into the dustiest corners of my vinyl collection. I only
    Save vinyls I love, or collect – yet I neglect a good amount of them. Listening feels like seeing an old friend in a of time
  • I binge watch Netflix series!
  • Some of my after dinner snacks: apples with small amount cheese
  • Iced Passion Tea… and Uplifting, Spiritual or Thought Provoking books..<3The Bible.. I play a “game” I call.. “flip to the page/message/passage I most need to read” LOL
  • Try some CBD. It can help with stress, anxiety and blood sugar.
  • I like Triscuits w peanut butter. Also, figure seasons of Black Mirror.
  • Catch up on your reading
  • Limit social media contact dramatically. (Can’t stress that one enough) Take a risk and explore a creative skills you are convinced you will be useless at.
  • Find out with action, rather than being convinced by your mind…which does not actually know yet!. Write a journal about the struggle and the pleasures.
  • Make a list of everything in your pantry by content and purpose-access Bootstrap Cook online, who will teach you how to use/combine things to make surprisingly good meals for very little money or effort. Learn to skip like a boxer. % mins will require a 45min nap and eventually you will be fit and strong enough to go take on the world (This last one, I know…but don’t actually do!) Go well, stay safe
  • Deep breaths. Spend time outside looking at nature. Draw. Read books. Listen to music.
  • Journal! Put all your feelings down on paper.
  • Apple with peanutbutter
  • FacebookThank you to everyone who took the time to share on my Facebook page a week or so ago. I hope you see yourself here, and that you like what you see. If you have more to add, come on back and let me know!


    1. Thank you sir. Now all I have to do is to put some of these great ideas into practice!

      Hope you come back often, and share with others!
      Many kind thanks, Harriet

    1. Thank you for reading my friend across the miles.
      And you as well. Hard to believe COVID can reach every corner of our world
      aye? Appreciate your feedback David.

    1. Ohhh my dear friend. Thank you for dropping by and saying hello.
      Yes I will find you! Appreciate it Barbara.

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