This is Gratitude Month!~

“He is awiseman who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.” – Epictetus

November for those of us in recovery is Gratitude month. Not only is it a time of Thanksgiving for many, but it is a special time of year to give thanks to just about everyone we know.

There are many ways to show gratitude for what we have and who we have become, but not everyone is capable of seeing their own goodness within to articulate their gratitude.

One way we can find gratitude is through Random Acts of Kindness. We take the initiative to delve deep inside and open our hearts. To the benefit of others, when we execute Random Acts of Kindness, we invite the Universe to surround us with compassion.

We become focused on others and what would be thoughtful, appropriate and fitting for them. In so doing, we let go of our need to satisfy an imaginary yearning originally thought as important. Now, as we take a back seat, others become our priority.

What Happens When We Give Without Expectations?

A person holding onto some flowers in the grassAs we become open to possibilities that were never presented previously, we find joy and abundance. According to Sarah from Grace in my Space, joy is contentment in spite of circumstances.

According to Your Mindful Coach,Joy is translated from the Pali word MuditÄ, the nuance of which includes the concept of sympathetic or appreciative joy.

We cannot be sympathetic and selfish at the same time.

Imagine for a moment, what the landscape of our minds would look like if we practiced gratitude and random acts of kindness more in our homes with our spouse and children.

Many times we engage in critical, judgmental, harsh and hurtful scenarios, (especially during the uncertainty of our todays.) We can show others compassion and what that looks like, by engaging our families, too, in Random Acts of Kindness.

It is now, when some people are at their worst, that YOU have the luxury to work with your loved ones to be their very best, as you lead the way. When this happens, everyone sees what you have and they want it too! Why is that? Because even in our lowest moments, we crave to be our Highest most giving of Selves.

The opportunity to be grateful is literally everywhere. We begin where our feet are: in our 24-hours.

Write your gratitude so you can see them and allow the brain time to examine them. Make them intentional, purposeful, in a way we would not otherwise feel them.

Begin with the fact that you are upright/vertical, and continue:

I am Grateful:

  • that I am not paralyzed in a wheelchair;
  • that I can move my limbs freely, walk, run, see, feel,
  • that I can use my brain constructively, creatively,
  • that we have a roof over our heads,
  • that I can breathe freely
  • that my eyes can see, and so so much more.

When we begin to implement a plan to become purposefully grateful (and take time out of our day before we hit the floor running to express our gratitude on paper,) we become spiritually enlightened.

Barry Culligan, a spiritual teacher on Quora states in part:

“Spiritual enlightenment means that you arrive at conclusions and determinations
about life through spiritual reason. For example,
you might – through a spiritual revelation – discover that God exists or that Jesus
is His Son. These are values that change how you interpret life.”

Balanced now and centered, we make ourselves available for the highest good of others. We entrust our life-force to manifest itself in a way that makes our living one-day-at-a-time useful to those around us.

In an article, the author writes, “A client asked me, “What do you mean by ‘highest good?'” Our “highest good” is what keeps us on our path – growing, learning, and walking steadily towards our soul purpose. It’s when Spirit is most delighted because we are moving forward and not backwards. Don’t worry; even the most enlightened of folk backslide at times. We are all human and we are here to learn. Nobody gets everything right the first time.”


We’ve become open, honest and willing and in so doing, have become a bit truer to ourselves in the process. This is the process of becoming joyful. Together with our Higher Power, we become grateful in an intimate way and share our purposefulness with each other, and others less fortunate.

And the circle goes round and round…

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Namaste~ With love in the fellowship,

Harriet Hunter


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  1. I’m so grateful today!! Grateful that my Heavenly Father has given me breath to breathe and woke me up this morning!!

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