Fear of Moving Forward

“Sometimes life knocks you on your ass… get up, get up, get up!!! Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.”“•Steve Maraboli

Sometimes life swings a fast ball and instead of reaching out to grab it, we let it go by. A neon sign that says " this is the sign you 've been looking for ".Fear of moving forward can also be like that and, it seems, even as we least expect it.

Maybe we fear we’re not ready to make a change. Old tapes convince us we’re comfortable being right where are.

Can fear of a hundred other things be getting in our way? Can that same fear hold us back in as many ways as there is fear? Absolutely. And it does.


The music in the messages that repeat themselves time and time again in our heads often sound like these guys:

  1. There’s the chairman who directs the flow of communications from old behaviors to new ways of thinking.
  2. there is the Fear Commander who keeps the chairman appraised with each new fear.
  3. There is a Secretary who considers every option imaginable that can happen, may happen, might happen or will happen.
    The secretary balances out negative accusations, old messages and stories we absorbed as a child. These thoughts ask, “What happens if I fail after all that work and effort? What if no one likes what I do and talks about me? Maybe I’m trying to be something I’m not and shouldn’t be trying at all? I bet, it will cost me too much money.”
  4. There is the Organizer who approaches our questions with logic, but still leans toward the here and now. The organizer asks questions, “why move forward at all? Aren’t you safe right here? You know doing things different will be hard, fear producing, scary and you’ll be confused like always so you might as well stay right where you are.”
  5. Then there is the Chief Controller over our committee who steps in when summoned and says, “Look, we’re not going anywhere here, what is it going to take for you to get out of this sludge of doing the same thing and expecting different results?” “Don’t you think it’s time to try something different?” “What supports do you have?” “Have you looked at your desires in black and white, spoken with others? Have you even looked within to see what courage has to say?” and lastly, “For Pete Sake, did you stop long enough to pray about it?”
  6. Our chief controller is our intuition, our faith and hope and our Higher Power that rests on proof positive instead of fear. It confers with courage, faith and hope. We can trust our chief controller as being our truth and these are the messages necessary to move up and out of old behaviors and old thinking has held us back frommoving forward.
  7. Lastly, there is the final coup degrâceWhat the hell am I trying to prove, anyway?” This is the sabotage question that sticks us in the gut to keep us right smack where we’ve always been. Stuck in the muck of our regrettable thinking.


What are Some Methods Used to Empower Ourselves?

By taking baby steps toward those things we aspire to we bring success into our lives.

Every time we take positive measures to change the things thatwe can by defying fear, the universe opens its doors to meet us where we are. People, places, institutions and life successes begin tofall into place.

Transform Your Fear:

Fear is nothing more than faith that hasn’t done it’s homework.

False Evidence Appearing Real fits this definition.

Fear is nothing more than conjecture, and engages the veryworst of our thinking, the “what-if’s” that hold us tight and we listen. Nine out of ten times, that which we fear can’t come true, almost never comes true and is nothing more than old beliefs we’ve been telling ourselves as long as we can remember.

A group of people jumping over rocks in the air.

When we change our thinking and rely upon the power of faith, we begin tomove forward to the person we’ve wanted to become: bold, courageous and an example for others. We become a fearless leader over that herd of negative committee members who used to reign supreme in our thoughts.

Lets Look at the FACTS of Moving Forward

We can move forward by staying in our 24-hours. This is where we live.

Tomorrow isn’t born yet. If we are one of the lucky ones working in the now, we see we only have right here right these moments to make a difference.

Begin by changing our perspective.

Everything begins with looking at thoughts and ideas differently. Where there is a “yeah but”, we ask ourselvesone or more of the following:

  • What is holding us back? Is it ourselves, someone else, something else?
  • How important Is It? How important is this “thing” we want to change, or do, compared to our happiness?
  • WHO are we doing it for and why?
  • What are our motives for making a move at all?
  • Do we have something to prove and if so, it needs to be to ourselves.

Then we can get out paper and pen and begin writing our answers where we can see them, in black and white before us. Why? Because by now you have empowered your Chief Controller to take the lead to answer these questions with positive and uplifting answers thatare in your best interest and yours alone.

The chief controller isolates all negativity and the “yeahbut’s” and removes that thinking so you can focus on the truth of what you want and need. We work in tandem with the Chief Controller to find empowering messages and together, we embrace ourselves with strong truths. We write until that Chief Controller is exhausted.

Sometimes it takes many meetings and exercises to ferret out truths to our these and other questions that emerge on this journey ofmoving forward.After all, we only have today to begin this work. Our time is structured purposefully, so there is space of days, sometimes weeks in between to absorb and examine this new way of thinking. With repetition, this new way of thinking becomes our new way of do-ing.

Moving forward is a decision that we make with ourselves and often another human being and/or, our Higher Power alone. Many times the changes we recognize that need to be made are too important to be left to our own thinking. So we trust the timing of something greater than us. We are confident that when we do the work we move forward.d for the right reasons, there is nothing that can hold us back from our mission.

We’ve instructed those committee members in our heads to take a back seat. We let our own highest intuition, our Higher Power, together with our voice of reason be our guide. Together, we move out of fear, out of complacency and out of the comfort of familiarity because we’ve become ready, with courage, to face whatever challenge lies before us. We are moving forward in our lives.


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