Awfulizing can set into motion a chain of self-fulfilling thoughts, feelings, and actions; the mere expectation that things will get worse will cause them to get worse.” Bill and Kris Barney

Awfulizing. Is that even a word? Some of us call itmaking a mountainout of a molehill. It is that place we go towhen we wantto make a point. Many times it beginswhen wefeel startled, fearful. We need the drama and excitement of possibilities called, “What if?” It could be a game weplay to engage others in a myriad of different scenarios although we don’t recognize itat the time.

So we stress, maybe even exaggerate theworst of whatcould happen, may happen, might A person with their hands over their facehappen, orhasa good chance of happening. But, it probably won’t happen.

We awfulize the weather. Ifa storm is on the horizon we begin a week or so prior to, by sharing with anybody who may listen. What if it comes this way? What if it hits our area? What if, what about, and what should we do?

It doesn’t take long to see the number of things we awfulize over. In no time at all we have ourselves and those around us wound up so tight we can’t think straight!

How do we stop awfulizing?

We start by taking a deep breath in, and then breath out the excitement created by awfulizing. “It” hasn’t happened yet. We assure ourselves our thinking may be outside of our 24-hourswhich is where welive, and we STOP-rightwhere weare.

Imagine for a moment the thought of “it” not happening at all? Some of us feel a disappointment, an emotional loss of excitement.

Awfulizing is a ruse, an attention-getting reaction used as an excuse to engage in fear-based behaviors. If we sit immersed in the thrill ofour “what if’s”long enough, we drive ourselves to drink!

With intention, we look down at our feet and remind ourselves we are right here. Weknow in these moments, we are content, and life is unfolding as it should.

It is an expression of the enormity of our helplessness.Awfulizing is the mistaken belief that life couldn’t get anyworse and weare powerless.

What wedon’t see is the fact we hold more control than we recognize. Recognition isAwareness and Awarenessis a premeditated, thoughtful response. It meanswhen weobserve the emotion we are projecting, weapply positiveenergy through empowerment and become aware of our ability to stop. We really are in charge of our emotions.

We change direction, change perspective and create a loving space for our reality right now because right now is the only time we have to stop the madness of awfulizing. Our Creator is already ahead of us, large and in charge!


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