Finding Our Balance

“Relationships are a constant negotiation and balance.” Claire Danes

Balance“Hurry!” “How am I supposed to get all of this done today?” “My head is spinning!” These are but a few thoughts many of us experience on any day. We put extraordinary demands on ourselves at work, with families, in fact, just about anytime we think. Mental and emotional stress is compounded to exhibit physical indications of ailments and aches. Some are contrived, but most are real.

We never realized we were marching to a force of false beliefs. Having to prove to ourselves we are enough, we thrust aside our own needs to move to a beat of demands we believed others would respect and appreciate us for. We worked overtime, gave up personal commitments, health appointments and family values in the name of self-importance.

We never realized as we let go of personal satisfactions to achieve perfection in meeting demands of others, that exploitation and manipulation was at work subliminally redefining the core of who we were, because of a lack of balance.

Balance asks, “How Important is it?”  It looks at the ego and diminishes intentions and size with a new reality we were never as important as others wanted us to believe we were. We bought messages of superiority as part of our people-pleasing image, and lost ourselves in the process.

To maintain equilibrium, balance rearranges old messages of indistinct priorities. It tells us to look within and, maybe for the first time, examine what it means to readjust our thinking and put ourselves in the center of our world instead of bouncing off the periphery, racing from one fire to another.

Let’s ask some questions that help to strengthen our balance and encourage new boundaries for our highest good. Without balance, our physical, emotional and spiritual selves pay the price for over-exertion and neglect:

  1. What am I trying to prove, and to who?
  2. Why am I doing this?
  3. Who am I doing it for?
  4. Where is my balance, and what does it look like?
  5. How is this helping me?

We include time and precious energy for ourselves when we believe we are deserving of knowing the answers to these questions above. We are not living our lives marching to a beat directed by others. We are living and moving under direction of our personal needs, desires and those things that enhance our personal life’s mission. We are the center of balance.

As we ask questions that speak to our heart of intentions, answers and affirmations appear to surround us and help redefine our centeredness. Balance is the heart of self-love; it is where we carve with our highest good front and center, into our life’s work and energy. We do this based around those needs we must fulfill for ourselves that give us purpose, in order to better meet the needs of others. When we practice seeking answers within ourselves, the truth of who we are and who we want to be will become revealed. Balance emerges as we face our own worthiness and with focused attention, we forge a place for our joy. We deserve to place priority on our need for balance when it becomes obvious we’ve set them aside for aspirations and over-exaggerated pleasure of our own ego.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Our Balance”

  1. I began reading the draft of Miracles of Recovery and find it inspirational as a being in recovery for over 11 years. Can’t wait for the final manuscript.

    1. Will! What an honor to have you be the first to leave a comment on my website. Thank you.

      I’m so happy you find my book in its draft form rewarding, and relatable.


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