January 2                              Miracles of Recovery

January 9                              Keep it Simple 01-09-22

January 16                            Step One

January 23                            The Gift of Desperation

February 9                             Detaching

February 13                          Changing Perspectives

February 20                          Learning to Live in Peace

February 27                          Relief from the Bondage of Self

March 6                                 The Gift of Saying No.

April 3                                    Step Four

April 17                                  It’s a Family Affair

May 2                                      Fear of Failure

May 9                                     Helping Ourselves First

May 15                                   Regrets

May 21                                   Taking Things Personally

June 7                                    Family Forgiveness

June 14                                  Step Nine June 14

JUNE 18                                Justified Resentments

June 26                                The Person I Always Wanted to Be

July 5                                    Temptation of Relapse

July 11                                   Being Gentle with Ourselves

July 17                                  Breaking the Illusion of Control

AUGUST 7                             Step Eleven

August 24                             Fear of Acceptanc

SEPTEMBER  2                    Staying the Course in Sobriety

September 12                       Coping with Change

September 17                       Preparing Ourselves for Change2 

October 11                            Loneliness vs Being Alone

October 18                           Changing our Story

October 27                            Being Good Enough

NOVEMBER 11                     I AM DESERVING

November 24                        Having Our Needs Met


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