This contest is open till October 30.

For this first give-away, I’m asking that you share that I have a newsletter with as many people as possible and ask folks to sign up on my website ( They must opt-in, (meaning, either through the pop-up or the right-hand invitation) and they have to provide YOU with their names so on the 31st, I can tally them up.

The person who submits the MOST NAMES of interested folks will be compared against actual sign-ups. THAT PERSON (maybe it’s you?), will win a Six Page Booklet document,

“Your Daily Reprieve: 

23 Things You can Do WHERE YOU ARE to stay sober, just for today.”

Now, the ante gets better as the give-away in November will be a book-bundle give-away (yes, I’ll even pay for postage), and in December, well — it will be another handout focused around Marketing your book with lots of links and referrals!~ And–a free Miracles of Recovery book!

So stay tuned.  Your regularly-scheduled newsletter will be on time on October 20th. But this couldn’t wait!~

Let’s SEE what cha got my friends!

Have a fun-filled Halloween and bring me your sign-ups!  I’d love to take your suggestions too, dont forget. After all, you’re the ones reading this, so it might as well be interesting, and what you’d like to see, right?


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