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Well guys, here it is!~ I wasn’t as good as I wanted to be but we all know it could have been worse.  When I have difficulty reading my own entry, that’s when you know I’m in trouble!~


The biggest take away from this podcast was the wonderful feedback we received from our two really big guests: R.T. and Kenny P. of InTheRooms.com.

R.T.’s description of how far they’ve come in the last eleven or so years is pretty remarkable. I hope you will listen to his introduction if nothing else because IntheRooms.com represents for so many of us, our home-away-from-home we’ve all been seeking: a haven for any and all recovery. All-inclusive, without conditions.


 Please come back here often to find new episodes, readings, blogs and more. Like R.T. and Kenny P., my goal and mission are to be of service to you, your friends and family and to anyone who wants to understand this vast world that is recovery.

This is where you will find the weekly episodes of Miracles of Recovery Podcast. You can listen and reply to them at any time!

Episode 1, February 23

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Episode 2, March 1

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The next time you join us for the read from Miracles of Recovery Podcast we will be under the care of InTheRooms.com and what a site they have! RT. and Kenny P., the two founders have graciously given me my own “room” to share MIRACLES OF RECOVERY with their listeners.

We are still working out particulars but stay tuned for more information. As it becomes available, you will know immediately. In the meantime, freely share with others all that you hear and see on my website!

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