Preview the upcoming topic taken from Miracles of Recovery each week for Each underlined title is a link to read at your leisure. Feel free to share these with others.  

You can participate in these meetings too by going to each and every Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

Here is your meeting room.

Sunday, April 12                                 Step Five   

READ from April 21                           Accepting our Limitations 

READ FROM April 25                        Comfort Zone, April 25

READ FROM MAY 2                          Fear of Failure

READ FROM MAY 11                        Old Behaviors May 11

READ FROM MAY 19                        Spirituality

READ FROM MAY 25                        STEP EIGHT

READ FROM JUNE 7                        Family Forgiveness

READ FROM JUNE 14                      Step Nine June 14

READ FROM JUNE 18                      Letting Go of Control

READ FROM JUNE 27                      The Pursuit of Happiness

READ FROM JULY 5                        Temptations of Relapse

READ FROM JULY 12                      Change or Die  

READ FROM JULY 18                      Feel the Feelings

READ FROM JULY 24                      Letting go of Expectations

READ FROM AUGUST 1                  Learning to Say “NO!”

READ FROM AUGUST 14                Preparing Ourselves for Change

READ FROM AUGUST 19                Breathing through the Panic

READ FROM AUGUST 07                Step Eleven

READ FROM AUGUST 31               The Key of Willingness

READ FROM SEPT. 3                      Prayer and Meditation

READ FROM SEPT. 12                   Coping with Change

READ FROM SEPT. 18                    Walking Through Grief

READ FROM OCTOBER 3              Changing Others

READ FROM OCTOBER 1              The Three I-s

READ FROM OCTOBER 18            Changing our Story

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