Preview the upcoming topic taken from Miracles of Recovery each week for Each underlined title is a link to read at your leisure. Feel free to share these with others.  

You can participate in these meetings too by going to each and every Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

Here is your meeting room.

Sunday, April 12                                 Step Five   

READ from April 21                           Accepting our Limitations 

READ FROM April 25                        Comfort Zone, April 25

READ FROM MAY 2                          Fear of Failure

READ FROM MAY 11                        Old Behaviors May 11

READ FROM MAY 19                        SPIRITUALITY

READ FROM MAY 25                        STEP EIGHT

READ FROM JUNE 7                        FAMILY FORGIVENESS

READ FROM JUNE 14                      Step Nine June 14

READ FROM JUNE 18                      Letting Go of Control

READ FROM JUNE 27                      The Pursuit of Happiness

READ FROM JULY 5                        Temptations of Relapse

READ FROM JULY 12                      Change or Die  

READ FROM JULY 18                      FEEL THE FEELINGS 

READ FROM JULY 24                      Letting go of Expectations

READ FROM AUGUST 1                  Learning to Say “NO!”

READ FROM AUGUST 14                Preparing Ourselves for Change