Audios through March 31 – February

Beginning with January’s stories from Miracles of Recovery you can now experience three-months of audios at a time. That’s over 90 Audios!

February 1     Re-Creating Our Lives
February 2     Trusting Our Higher Power
February 3     Acting As-If
February 4     Awareness, Here and Now
February 5     Be Right or Be Happy
February 6     The Magic of Step Two
February 7      Fear of Tomorrow
February 8      Principles Before Personalities
February 9      Detaching
February 10    Combating Fear
February 11    Convincing Others
February 12    Ego Deflation
February 13    Changing Perspectives
February 14    Faith in the Fellowship
February 15    Fear of Being Me
February 16    Gluttony, How Much is Enough?
February 17    Rising Out of Darkness
February 18    Handling Criticism from Family
February 19    Jealousy
February 20    Learning to Live in Peace
February 21    Achievements in Sobriety
February 22    Letting Go of Old Ideas
February 23    Manipulation in the Workplace
February 24    Releasing Resentments
February 25    Self-Care
February 26    More Will Be Revealed
February 27    Relief from the Bondage of Self
February 28    Non-Negotiable Sobriety
February 29    Self-Knowledge

Please come back often, refer to friends and be sure to let me know if you find any defective or incorrect recordings would you?  You can reach out to me here, on Twitter @Elizza and/or Facebook at Harriet Hunter, author.

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