Audios through March 31 – January

Month of January

January 1       Acceptance
January 2       Miracles of Recovery
January 3      Today is the Perfect Day!
January 4       Recreating Our Lives
January 5       Courage
January 6       Back-to-Basics
January 7       A Disease of Perception
January 8      Taking that Leap of Faith
January 9       Keep it Simple
January 10     Saying Goodbye to Addiction
January 11     Falling Back into Old Behaviors
January 12     Think the Disease Though
January 13     Let Go and Let God
January 14     H.A.L.T.
January 15     Trusting the Process
January 16     Step ONE
January 17     Addiction, a Disease of MORE
January 18     Staying Clean and Sober
January 19     Half Measures
January 20    The Grace in the Gift of Change
January 21     Soul-Sickness
January 22    Just for This Day
January 23    The Gift of Desperation
January 24    Look for the Similarities
January 25    What is YOUR Higher Power?
January 26    Blessed Recovery
January 27    Learning to Laugh Again
January 28    Responsibility to Ourselves
January 29    Embracing the Gray
January 30    Staying the Course through Grief
January 31    Step Two

Please come back often, refer to friends and be sure to let me know if you find any defective or incorrect recordings would you?  You can reach out to me here, on Twitter @Elizza6 and/or Facebook at Harriet Hunter, author.

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