Audios for April

Miracles of Recovery is being presented to give you another three-months of audios at a time. That’s over 90 Audios!

April 1     Step Four

April 2     Loneliness

April 3     Meeting Makers Make It

April 4     Personal Integrity

April 5     Positive Affirmations

April 6     The Quietness of Change

April 7     It’s Not About Me

April 8     Secrets

April 9      Expectations

April 10    Perfectionism

April 11    Standing in the Light

April 12    Step Five

April 13    Stronghold of Unforgiveness

April 14    This Too, Shall Pass

April 15   Victimization

April 16   When in Doubt

April 17   It’s a Family Affair

April 18   Resentments

April 19   Step Five: Withholding Nothing

April 20   Accepting Our Limitations

April 21   Freedom from Self Sabotage

April 22   Being Humble

April 23   Step Six

April 24   Changing Everything

April 25  Getting Out of our Comfort Zone

April 26   Crossing-Over

April 27   Spiritual Alignment

April 28    Freedom

April 29   Letting Go of Old Beliefs

April 30   R.I.D. Syndrome

Please come back often, refer to friends and be sure to let me know if you find any defective or incorrect recordings would you?  You can reach out to me here, on Twitter @Elizza6 and/or Facebook at Harriet Hunter, author.


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