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Dear Friends of Miracles of Recovery,

There is wonderful news coming to you, friends and family beginning April 2nd.

What is it? A free online meeting (via Zoom) of Miracles of Recovery that will inspire participants and supporters alike. This won’t be any ordinary online meeting. These meetings will follow in a fresh and active format similar to each Sunday’s Miracles meeting at 2:00 p.m.,  here: www.InTheRoom.com.

This new Zoom Meeting will meet the First Friday of the Month. Attendees will choose from a few select prayers, facilitated by the award-winning author, Harriet Hunter. As our meetings grow, you have the chance to become trusted collaborators. Trusted team members will help the group improve the integrity of the meeting through sharing, offering suggestions, and work toward  letting others know about our meeting. You do NOT need to have Miracles to attend!

Together we will help to positively impact the lives of others,

Here are some of the free benefits Trusted Team members will enjoy:

  • Opportunities to share your healing journey and other inspiring stories. These stories (with permission) will inspire others when Harriet Hunter’s collaborative book is in draft format by the end of 2021. (more to come on this.)
  • Be part of a team to innovate the book’s title and subtitle.
  • Assist or participate in subgroups that will help Harriet with the newsletter.
  • Receive special discounts for group coaching sessions that will cover deep and focused topics performed in small online groups.
  • Receive more special discounts for personalized individual attention and feedback coaching sessions.
  • Access to Free eBooks, Checklists, Free inspirational audios, Meditation tools, and so much more.

Space is limited. Once the sessions fill up, there will be a waiting list created.

You can reserve your place now by attending our first zoom meeting at:

https://zoom.us/j/9376251627?pwd=b3JxRUtxa2VZa3hZOTZYckpVY0hWQT09#success at 7:00 p.m. EST to 8:00 p.m.  Here is how to get there: Meeting ID: 865 8240 3819 Passcode: 586251

If you have questions, please contact Harriet Hunter at: HarrietHunterodaat@gmail.com.

A note before you leave…

Thank you for taking the time to support Miracles of Recovery. I sure hope you understand, how very seriously I take our association. As in my own journey in recovery, I know, too, that your journey and experiences are sacred and personal. Therefore, any and all information will stay personal. Anything shared in this group should stay in the group.

I am so excited to lead these meetings and share the healing of Miracles of Recovery with you. Jump into the meeting, Friday night on April 2nd, at 7:00 pm. If you have special sponsees/sponsors and others you feel would also be interested, please do take the lead to invite them as well.

Together, we will move the message of Miracles into the hands and the hearts of many people still suffering on their path to recovery. And that is precisely why I’m here.

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