2021–ITR WEEKLY LIVE AUDIO TOPICS: Drugs and Alcohol

 Here are offerings for www.Intherooms.com for the year 2021.

January 6                                   Back to BASICS

January 12                                Think the Disease Through

January 18                                 Staying Clean and Sober

January 28                                 Responsibility to Ourselves

February 9                                 Detaching

February 15                               FEAR OF BEING ME

February 21                               Releasing Resentments

MARCH 6                                   THE GIFT OF SAYING NO

March 13                                    Self-Compassion

March 21                                    Grieving in Sobriety

APRIL 1                                      Step Four

APRIL 12                                    Stronghold of Unforgiveness

APRIL 17                                    It’s a Family Affair

MAY 9                                         Helping Ourselves First

May 21                                       The Voice of Anger

June 4                                        Acceptance and the Ninth Step

June 13                                      Having to Prove Ourselves

June 18                                      Justified Resentments

July 2                                         Step Ten

July 11                                       Being Gentle with Ourselves

August 1                                    Learning to Say No

August 5                                    Personal Growth

August 14                                  Preparing Ourselves for Change2

August 24                                   Fear of Acceptance

September 3                              Something Within Me

September 12                            Coping with Change

September 16                            Emotional Sobriety

September 26                            Shame

October 3                                   Changing Others

October 12                                  Never Go Back

October 18                                 Changing our Story

October 27                                 Being Good Enough

November 4                               Ignoring Feelings

October 13                                 POWERLESSNESS

December 5                                Awfulizing

December 12                             TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE

December 19                              I am Not Alone

 I hope you’ll swing by Sundays, www.Intherooms.com and visit my 2:00 p.m. Meeting, as we discuss the week’s topic from “Miracles of Recovery.

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