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All you need is an open mind, and perseverance to stay the course.  I will show you how it can be done. In fact, if you visit my Book tab, you will find twelve (12) reasons why we can all use this book if we want to see improvement and personal growth in our lives, one day at a time.

Journey Out of Darkness

Genetics and environment helped to create a 30-year journey into the darkness of sex, drugs, and alcohol, all of which stripped me of opportunities to succeed and rise out of my self-imposed hell. It took 30 years of trying to escape from reality to connect-the-dots to freedom, and to find hope sufficient to do better. It was about time.

My name is Beth H. For the purposes of my book, it was suggested I let you know who I really am, even though my pseudo-name is Harriet Hunter. Since my walk into recovery in 1999, I’ve had one primary purpose, to show others how they can achieve their miracles with a vision and determination to never ever go backwards one day at a time. I strive to be a conduit of encouragement to others by showing them what worked for me and how they can be free from their own bondage of self, regardless of their situation by using the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, the fellowship and the village that is recovery.

My passion is to help others find hope.  

Over the course of my sobriety, I have worked with many women to find a peace within. I continue to facilitate meetings, bring hope to women incarcerated, and continue to sponsor both face-to-face and on line, encouraging and giving to others what has been so freely given to me over the years.

When I’m not writing or in meetings, I spend  time with my four-legged babies in and around my 2-acre woods.

I am a member of Tallahassee’s Writing Association; Florida’s Writers Association, the Sisters of the Sentences Writers Group, (part of Fiction Among Friends group). In addition, I am a member of TWA and FWAs writing critique groups.

One common denominator that makes us equal, regardless of our experiences or journey, is our pain. Our pain is the same. It is this vision of equality that allows me to embrace and encourage others in and out of recovery. We are all children of a oneness. Please continue to come back often. Sooner or later, I hope you will see yourself in my blog posts.

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    1. Thank you Diane. I hope you will carry the message here with you as well. And I will do the same. Grateful that you stopped by.


  1. Hi H! I’ve been extremely complacent on attending meetings and giving back what was given to me…..Your comment , “Our pain is our common denominator..” is so true! Thanks for online support forum i’m in! You have always shared your spiritual thoughts and I love listening! Julie S. 12/31/08

    1. Julie,

      Please pass it on, and come back often. I’m so grateful you relate to our common denominator. I believe it is the plan of a universal Creator that speaks to a connection to each of us.


    1. Donna. So happy you’re here. And just in time to receive the first part of Page 1 of my book! The 2nd half will follow March 24th. We are the lucky ones. Please share with friends, and come back often.

      Harriet Hunter

    1. Saundra,
      Thank you for stopping by long enough to leave a message. I appreciate you and all that you do for
      our community, not just writing! Please do stop by often.

      Harriet Eliza(Beth)

  2. Hi Beth,

    The first step for an alcoholic or drug addict is to admit to themselves that they have a problem that is out-of-control and needs professional help. That’s the beginning of going down the recovery path.
    Sharing is a blessing because it may help “one” person. One person may want to help another. We need to follow the ones with the desire to get healthy again. Most of all, bring God into your lives because He will never leave you alone. We close the door on Him.

  3. Hey girl this Connie!🌻 I am very impressed reading what you have written. Especially what you readers are saying 💖 let’s keep in touch.

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